Re: New images with the 140EDF refractor

Dean Salman <cluster@...>

Remote imaging is getting popular but it can also be done from your
own backyard. This is what I plan to do most of the time with WiFi.
My goal is to get a dark remote site but mainly because I would like
to live up far north where it would stupid to image. That said,
remotes are never 100% so some support from someone is needed. I
travel to the New Mexico site from time to time.

So far I have not had any cabling issues with tha AP1200 mount from
the test I did inside with the monsoons here. Last night was the
real run with CCD Commander and that did well. I think AP did fairly
well on the cables, I did replace the top clutch screws with the one
AP set me, I think that is a must. I did not have the keypad hook up
and ran everything with Pulse Guide, which is good. The only thing
that I need is a web cam to view the mount as it moves. Even with
the site in New Mexico that is needed, that site uses an ME mount.
But it is really nice to know that if something does go wrong, it is
not a 5 hour drive, just a short walk.


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I think you should consider a dark-site remote setup some day, if
not just
see the issues that more and more remote users have to deal with.
would result in some AP mount improvements for remote imaging

I see your point. I can do remote imaging here also for testing


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