Re: Keypad Issue

David Arditti

I have a 2002 mount/keypad that very occasionally does the same thing- also one that has
been well-looked after, in an observtory. It is definitely a problem with the keypad. This
keypad also has a few other problems, such as not retaining the database (the battery has
been changed). I will probably send it to AP for repair, as I have a new one coming.
Actually, I haven't had the "continues slewing" problem for some time now. I did take my
keypad apart and cleaned all the visible contacts. Maybe that cured that particular


--- In ap-gto@..., "Dean Salman" <cluster@...> wrote:

I have a May 2003 model and when I slew in any of the 4 directions the
mount will continue slewing unless I have to press stop. This does
not happen all the time but more than not. I was going to send it in
but due to the age of the mount, it will cost to repair it. Not sure
what happen considering this mount sat in a closed observatory and was
not used very often so I was a bit suprised it had issues; this is
electronics so anything can happen. The good news is I can use Pulse
Guide so the keypad is really not needed anymore. I wanted to see if
anyone had any suggestions I could try. One thought was to use another
keypad and see if it does the same thing, I suspect it won't since
Pulse Guide always works when I slew with that. I also was in 1200
speed, does that make a difference.


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