29 hours of m27 at 3366mm

Richard Crisp <rdcrisp@...>

I began this over the July 4th holiday and took my most recent data
last night, Aug 3

This is 12 hours of [SII], 10 hours of [OIII] and 7 hours of Halpha

It was shot using the TK1024 powered FLI Dream Machine camera (1kx1k
@24x24 micron pixels at about 85% QE) using 4.5nm Cust Sci emission
line filters on the Stinger 450 classical cassegrain/AP1200GTO using
a Lumicon Giant Easy Guider with focal reducer for a focal length of
3366mm (~f/7.1). You just can't beat those TK1024 chips and other
such similar chips for going really deep. The combination of the high
QE, the deep wells and the big pixels really makes for a fast camera
that is just wonderful for deep emission line imaging with tight

I am intrigued by the sulfur channel data (red in this palette). I am
seeing detail I've not seen previously in shallower exposures.

I may take some more exposures, but am getting a bit tired of this
object after shooting it for the past month.


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