Height difference between AP900 and A1200

David Arditti

Like some others on this list, I have been notified that I have a new AP1200 coming:-)

I like these mounts so much, I am going to keep my older (GTOCP2) AP900, transferring it to
my secondary telescope, a 10" Newtonian in a run-of shed. The AP1200 I am going to use to
mount a C14 as the main instrument in my run-off roof observatory.

This causes a qusestion to arise which I can't find an immediate answer to from data on the
AP site, so maybe someone has both mounts and can make an estimate for me. How much
higher is the 1200 (current version) compared to the 900 (old version with the original-style
forks)? This is rather vital for me as the roof clearance in my observatory is tight. I need to
know whether I will need to modify the structure of the observatory to fit it in. I live at 51.5
deg. N.



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