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Mark B. Wilson <markw@...>

The cases are form fitting. I brought all my equipment to Master Cases, and
they made custom cases for me. I do not know what the materials are but I
understand they are high quality as this company makes all cases for
Panavision cameras - some of the highest end equipment in the world. The
"rubber" used is very dense and will not degrade. Call David Butler at
Master Cases at 888 707 9333 to get all your questions answered. Nice guy -
reasonable - easy to work with. You would think I am affilitated with these
guys by this message, but I am not.

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Are the cases for 1200 mount form does it fit in?? in what way
is it locked down...does it have foam in the case?? etc.. etc..

- charles sinsofsky

ps. who did you buy it from?/ web site?? phone number?? etc.. etc..

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Hi Mark,

What material(s) are they contructed out of? And did you get
a case for the pier too?


I purchased 2 cases for the 1200 mount, 1 case for the ota
and misc items,
one case for the weights, one case for eyepieces, one case
for electronics -
all cost approx $1,000. They are great cases - you can jump
on them (with
optics inside) like a trampoline and no damage!! Bob Kuberek
likes to use
my cases for step stools!!

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