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Adrian Catterall

I also changed mine recently, both on the AP1200 and AP400 as the former is now 8 years old.
I had the mount powered and also noticed a reset noise when the old battery came out, but everything looks fine.

Is the resetting normal behaviour? I wasn't expecting it, as the power to the hand controller came from the mount. I am asking because both my handsets frequently reset during normal use and have tried the usual tricks to eliminate it. Since I replaced the batteries, there have been no resets, so I do wonder. The remaining charge in both batteries was 3.23 and 3.27V

Adrian wrote:

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Recent posts regarding the keypad battery have spured me into action
since my AP 1200 is now 7 years old. I purchased a replacement battery
some time ago when Roland advised the lifetime is expected to be about
5 years.

Following the instructions on the AP website I noticed two things I was
not expecting. When I lifted the clip to free the battery I heard the
click from the speaker indicating the keypad was reset and when the
battery was out the display was blank. The display returned to normal
after inserting the new battery. Is this expected behaviour for battery

I measured the old battery at 3.29V so it probably still had a few
years of life left in it. On the Gemini system I use for field work the
memory back-up battery which is a much larger cell needs to be changed
every year.

As a caution to others contemplating replacement of the battery: The battery
changing instructions are on the web site. If you replace the battery, first
power the keypad up with your normal power source plugged into the servo. Now,
when you replace the battery, you will not lose any of the data base. If you
pull the battery out and do not have the keypad powered up from an external
supply, then you will lose the database and will have to reload it via the AP
website using the download procedure.

Roland Christen

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