tradeoffs on filter wheel/filter interaction

Richard Crisp <rdcrisp@...>

obviously the square filter issue could be resolved by the filter makers spending more time and effort to better prepare the edges of their filters. That adds cost and cost increases that are unnecessary should be avoided in my way of thinking. That's what engineering is all about: making the best solution for the lowest cost.

The attractive thing about flipping over the carousel and using the bottom of the filter pocket for providing the edge exclusion is that it adds ZERO cost to the system. That is better in my way of thinking that having the carousel upright and the filters modified. There are five filters in the wheel and each has four edges that would require 'work'. It is a better optimization in my opinion to put the burden on the user to install the filters in such a way that doesn't cause a problem when that can be done at no additional cost and with virtually no additional work.

To me that's a great optimization that saves us all money including the people that are selling filters.

I still think it would be nice to have a stamped stainless steel "knife edge" that can be placed over the filters to retain them in the pocket and to provide a very nice and clean edge for the filter's aperture stop..... just in case anyone is listening.

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