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Steve Reilly <sreilly@...>

Actually Stewart, it would have both OS on the computer and you would have
to decide which OS to boot into. The only real problem with this arrangement
is that Vista assumes total control of the restore points and wipes out any
of XP's.


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Steve, thanks! I did get an OEM XP disk but was told by an IT guy at work to
try reinstalling Vista clean and see if some of the vexations disappear and
then put XP on if that doesn't work. I have the basic version of Vista and
have not seen any indication that it can boot up in XP mode.


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Vista is by most, considered Beta until the first service pack released and
that's not due to come out till 2008. If time and opportunity are key to
you, I would at a minimum, install XP as a second OS and dual boot.
Personally, I'd uninstall Vista altogether and get an OEM XP version for
now, about $90 - 120 depending on where you get it, and wait for Vista to
mature. I do have Vista Ultimate installed on one computer but it can boot
into either Vista, XP 64 or XP32. It's there for testing reasons only.
Telescope time has been rare so far this Summer and I certainly don't want
to waste precious time fixing a broken OS. Just my 2 cents worth.


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Steve, I think you are probably right about the RS232 but get ready for the
Vista ride. I got Vista on my new image processing computer and while
everything started out like you describe, one by one my key software seems
to disable itself and the fixes and work-arounds are getting more convoluted
as time goes on. Another beta test on the Microsoft user community's back.

To be fair I guess it has only really messed up Photoshop CS2, Maxim,
StarryNight Pro, StarryNight Deluxe, .... and don't get me started on the
subject of all the software Dell added when they shipped it that does not
even work on this computer right out of the box.

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I'm trying to set up my new computer (with windows vista) to download
the database to my hand controller--it isn't corrupted, but figured I'd
get it up and running if needed in the future.

Anyhow, there is no RS232 jack on the back of this computer and I'm
wondering if it is as simple as getting a USB-serial converter; Radio
Shack shows one for about 40 bucks.

And if I could get my computer to stop asking for an mscomm32 file (it
doesn't seem to believe I've installed it) I'll be in business! (All of
this worked fine on my 10 year old computer!)


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