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Nicely done Dennis! I have yet to see it (raining right now for instance).


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Subject: [ap-gto] C/2006 C/2006 MZ13 Complete with Ion Tail

C/2006 VZ13 is about at its peak on the light curve. This is
presently the brightest comet in the sky. It is fading now.

It is racing though Draco at 9.3 arc seconds per minute at
magnitude ~ 8.4. I was limited to 60 second exposures when I
imaged it to avoid blur.

The comet has an ion tail that I had difficulty bringing out in my
processing. It is just barely apparent in my stack of 40 x 60s.
However, I was able to bring out what appears to be a 15 arc minute
tail using the Larson-Sekanina filter in AstroArt 3.0. I realize
this is a somewhat "dangerous" filter since one can easily introduce
no end of interesting artifacts. I would thus appreciate feedback
from the comet cognoscenti (and everyone else) on whether my
processing is legitimate.

Images, associated data, imaging notes and all at

Please take a look and give me some feedback. Thank you for
visiting my site.

Clear skies,

Dennis Persyk
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