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I realize that other GOTO systems have advantages that ours doesn't
have -
each new one that comes along can look at the previous efforts by
others and add
to it to gain a leg up. In a perfect world every car would park
itself and
when it's raining, run in and pick up that pizza at the counter so
the driver
doesn't have to get wet. My poor 1994 Ford doesn't even have remote
something that nobody has to live without any more. Why didn't they
include that?
How dumb of them! What were they thinking, by golly???

Other goto systems may have additional features and I guess part of
th business is to decide which ones are truly useful and whether they
should be implemented or not.

But, I've had other goto systems like the Nexstars and Gemini and
after all that, here I am, an Astro-Physics AP900 owner. You have no
idea the number of nights of frustration I have been through with
inferior mounts (I've even had my own worm blocks machined on a
G11). Even my wife asked me last year, why do you have such a
frustrating hobby, just get that AP900 mount if its the best and then
have some fun. Good advice from her. At the end of a night of
imaging, I just stand there and look at my AP900 and think, "man,
that thing is better than a Rolex." It is quite an achievment and
I'm very proud to own one. Thank you.


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