Re: Pls help- balancing with an ammeter

Brian Guerin


I used a digital amp meter and the slightest change in CW or OTA
weight changed the amp reading. Read my comment in "Switched Power"
post, luckily I have access to some great electrical advise.


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Sorry, electrical idiot here. Where do you put the probes to
make the
I believe that you wire the meter in series with either post of
the electrical source
and the mount's power cord.

I tried this last night with my 600EGTO using a borrowed, analog
multimeter. I wired
the positive post of the multimeter to the positive post on my
marine battery, and the
negative post on the multimeter to the positive wire going into
the mount's power cord.
It worked fine and registered about 700 ma when not tracking. Does
that seem about

The needle movement on the meter when moving the mount at 64x was
negligible, perhaps
50 ma and not enough to observe accurately. Even when I
intentionally imbalanced the
mount and slewed at 600x, the movement of the needle was less than
100 ma and not
sufficient to make an accurate observation. Does that seem right?

Looks like I'll need a digital multimeter or ammeter.

Paul Sterngold

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