Re: Switched Mode Power Supply

Brian Guerin


I'm far from knowledgable about electrical circuits. I had one of our
airplane mechanics explain the procedure to me, set up the amp meter
and draw me a diagram. I can fax you that diagram, it's very simple. I
used the AP power plug with the cigarette lighter plug on one end. I
unscrewed the top of this plug to expose the wiring and thats where I
hooked up my leads. I then used the electrical posts on the AP power
unit I got with my mount for the power connections. I then ran the
positive side of the connection thru the amp meter.

I registered a load of .36 amps in RA in each direction.

Hope this helps, send me a number and I'll fax you the diagram.


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I just used the amp meter technique to balance my Mach1 GTO
Sorry, electrical idiot here. Where do you put the probes to make the

Paul Gustafson

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