Re: Switched Mode Power Supply

Brian Guerin


I just used the amp meter technique to balance my Mach1 GTO with 38
lbs on the OTA side and 45 lbs on the cw side, it worked perfectly.


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An ammeter can also determine perfect balance on the two axes
(by moving N-S
or E-W at 64x and noting the difference in the current drawn).
Thank you, thank you, thank you! As posted a few months ago, my
600EGTO has tight axes.
I finally got around to disassembling and relubing it, and that
helped only a limited
amount. Don't get me wrong, the mount slews and tracks
beautifully. But the tightness
makes it nearly impossible to obtain accurate balance. With my
ED80sf-ST8 imaging
outfit, it hasn't been an issue because the motors had plenty of
torque to handle that
small load. But as soon as I put the 155EDFS and 27# of cwts on
the mount, I started
getting motor stall errors quite frequently and had to adjust the
cwts frequently.

I'll give this method of balance a try tonight. Again, thanks for
this suggestion,
Roland, as it may be key to getting me out of a pinch.

Paul Sterngold

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