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Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

Are the cases for 1200 mount form does it fit in?? in what way
is it locked down...does it have foam in the case?? etc.. etc..

- charles sinsofsky

ps. who did you buy it from?/ web site?? phone number?? etc.. etc..

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Hi Mark,

What material(s) are they contructed out of? And did you get
a case for the pier too?


I purchased 2 cases for the 1200 mount, 1 case for the ota
and misc items,
one case for the weights, one case for eyepieces, one case
for electronics -
all cost approx $1,000. They are great cases - you can jump
on them (with
optics inside) like a trampoline and no damage!! Bob Kuberek
likes to use
my cases for step stools!!

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