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Joe Zeglinski

Hi Roland,

Still going through the details in the manual on my new AP900, but I was
Is there a "power saving function" on the display?

Unless I need RA/DEC, or LST, displayed all the time (for timing
observation events), the fluorescent display tube could be turned off. It
should then be reactivated when any button is pushed.

It might not save a lot of power, but every bit helps when running
everything off a battery.
Perhaps this, along with a "user selectable blink rate" for the guiding
eyepiece power port, could be simple features added to the next keypad
firmware update.


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Roland: users CAN use Bluetooth between their computer and the mount
by adding a Bluetooth-Serial adaptor without YOU having to do anything ...
And that would be a cheaper solution too ... easier than YOU adding
it to the mount.
Thanks, but the issue is the keypad. This item, like a laptop computer,
requires a certain amount of power for the electronics and display. Thus the
for the cord.


See what's free at

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