Re: First images with AP1200 GTO

Kent Kirkley

In a message dated 6/21/07 12:13:55 PM, writes:

I use the Baader 2" filter now. It does not cause any halos.

I responded to your post, with wonderment, some days ago where you mentioned
that Astrodon filters caused halos. And, now you say the Baader filter(s?) do
not cause any halos.

This is the first I have heard of this 'situation', while halos have been
evident since the beginning of their use in ccd imaging, I thought all filters
produced some level of halos, especially with faster optical systems. I also
thought all filter manufacturers anti-reflection coated their filters.

So what is unique about the Baader's?
Is Baader producing only the Ha or a complete line of LRGB, Ha, etc. filters?

Kent Kirkley

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