B343 Dark nebula in Cygnus - LLRGB 4 hrs total exposure


Dear Group,

With Cygnus slowly getting into good position for imaging, there is a wide variety of goodies it provides for the interested observer and imager.

Given the plethora of Barnard dark nebulae it offers, I thought I would try my hand with one of the largest such objects just north of the bright star Sadr.

More specifically, I pursued B343 which lies within a couple of degrees just north of Sadr. For an image based on four hours total exposure, I kindly direct you to http://www.perseus.gr/Astro-DSO-Nebulae-Dark-B343.htm . This is my first attempt at a dark nebula and I would welcome all feedback. I have checked around and cannot find any reference images for comparison B343 ... if someone has pursued this particular object, I would love to see your results.

Clear skies!


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