Re: caps for the serial ports?, and a vote for wireless LAN.

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--- In ap-gto@..., Rick Thurmond <yahoogroups@...> wrote:

My 1200's serial port connectors have gotten a little rusty. Does
anyone know where one can get those plastic caps to cover them
I've not used them up until now, my friend has a program we plan
use to track satellites and the ISS, and we're going to try it
And here I am with embarrassing rusty serial ports on an otherwise
beautiful mount!

I'd vote for 802.11 wireless LAN to replace the serial ports.
I wouldn't have to take my computer outside.

Generally, though, I'm happy to get away from the computer for a
change, and just use the fine hand controller. In addition to the
great mechanicals of the mount, the fact that I can run it without
being disturbed by a computer is its greatest feature.

Rick are you planning to use Satellite Tracker or some other program
and please post the results when you try it out.

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