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At 09:36 AM 6/19/2007, Rick K wrote:
And which batteryless Bluetooth adapter will do this job? AFAIK the
serial port on the AP mounts have NO provision for supplying power to
attached serial devices. As well any of those serial devices are about
2 inches long and would stick up waiting to get ripped off the
controller as the scope or camera passed by. No thanks. Integrated is
by far the best solution.
The Socket CSA is 2" or less in size, and can get its power from Pin
9 ... you can wire pin 9 on your mount with 5 volts.
The adaptor doesn't seem to stick out any further than a DB9 would
.... I don't think it would be too vulnerable to "attack" if I recall
where the connector is.

BTW, I think reworking the mount's electronics to add Bluetooth would
very well require RECERTIFICATION by the FCC ...
If I recall correctly, that can cost upwards of $20k - Roland could
comment as I am sure he knows the cost.

(The electronics have to be evaluated for the FCC to prove that they
do not have significant RF radiation - I'm not sure if a simple rework
would require this, but it would not surprise me)

Your mileage may vary.

Sorry, but I have looked into this and 2 inches is over a half inch
too high. The clearance on the mount from both the big 900 and 1200
plates is inadequate to allow a 2" projection. It barely clears a
1.25" projection. I actually tie the serial cables down out of the way
specifically so that they stay out of the way. I have been on the
lookout for right angle DB9 connectors but since RS232 is essentially
obsolete, such items are virtually impossible to find. As it stands,
for Bluetooth, I could wire up a short 'serial' extender cable and
modify the port to supply power but this is just a kludge. A proper
built-in Bluetooth implementation would be better. Of course, all this
pales when compared to adding USB connectivity. THAT is way more
important. Shelve Bluetooth entirely if it is going to be a choice
between that and USB.

Although I would be completely at ease modifying the controller to
supply power to the Bluetooth adapter, I am wondering what Roland
would think about this. I expect that he might not be amused and that
it would void the warranty.

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