Re: SkyTools 2 with my AP 1200 Mount


Hi Mal,

I also run my AP1200 with SkyTools 2h. I agree with Roland's
assessment - the only time the mount has ever gotten "lost" is if I
send a sync command from ST when the mount is on the wrong side of the
meridian or if run the mount alternatively from the handpad and from
SkyTools. Running it from one or the other, I've had no problem at all
but I think that mixing commands from both creates problems.


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I posted this on the SkyTools lias and didn't have much luck getting
an answer.
I have Skytools 2h I believe it is the latest version. I also
downloaded the latest version of the ASCOM platform and driver for the
AP mount.
When I connect to the mount it works fine for the first few objects
than the scope points at the ground or almost crashes into the mount.
I was at Cherry Springs last week. One night the setup worked
perfectly all night. The next night it wouldn't work properly at all.
It will go to one or two objects then go crazy. I tried this about a
year ago with the same results and gave up. The problem is that the
AP hand controller has a very limited data base. It would be nice if
I could get SkyTools to work properly.
I forgot to say that the mount works perfectly when only using the
hand controller. I tried using EXT, and going through the controller.
I have the same problem both ways. I know that people use these
programs to run scopes remotely, so it must be something I am doing
wrong. A couple of times I have set the thing up and pointed the
scope at something very close to east the meridian, let it track past
and then slew to the object again and watch it do the meridian flip
and go to the object again perfectly. Now I think it has to be set up
properly. I point the scope at a few more objects and bingo it goes
nuts again.
The equipment is SkyTools 2 on a Dell XPS notebook running Windows XP
home edition Connected to an AP 1200 mount CP 3 Controller. Does
anyone have any ideas?

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