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And which batteryless Bluetooth adapter will do this job? AFAIK the
serial port on the AP mounts have NO provision for supplying power to
attached serial devices. As well any of those serial devices are about
2 inches long and would stick up waiting to get ripped off the
controller as the scope or camera passed by. No thanks. Integrated is
by far the best solution.

The top serial port could be retained for legacy. The bottom serial
port should be changed to a USB 2.0 port and provide a hub with a
couple or three or four additional connections.

As far as the wired hand controller goes, keep it that way. I like the
reliability and ruggedness. It is simple to use and works well for
those evenings that I jsut want to use teh scope and mount quickly
without setting up all the imaging frills.

For imaging purposes, I use an edgeport USB to 4 port serial box so
that I can control the mount, two focusers and a Pyxis rotator. In
front of that I have a powered USB 2.0 hub which connects to the
Edgeport, CCD and guider camera. Each device requires power as well.
There are wires everywhere. I think it is Joe, who has a box he made
which contains all the various cables, power adapters, etc ready for
use. Unfortunately I have yet to get around to doing this. It would be
so nice to move completely to USB with three cables to the mount, one
supplying power to the mount, one supplying power to the camera and
one USB to run everything.

Bluetooth doesn't have the capacity to replace the USB connection for
use with large arrays and high speeds. It might have in a generation
or two. I might agree that it looks like it would be best left out for
the time being, but since the mount CAN be run without using the hand
controller, say from a PDA or whatever, it is time to think about how
to implement such communications. A single chip or modular approach
which can be easily user upgraded might be worth a look.


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B) Bluetooth >> maybe $25 to eliminate the serial cable and $75 to
eliminate the handcontroller cable.
The problem again with the keypad (hand controller) is that we
chose to use a
type of display that works down to -40F. This display uses a lot of
Batteries to power the keypad would not work very long. The keypad
must get 12
volt power from somewhere, thus the cord. The alternative is to use
an LCD
display which uses almost no power, but which freezes up in the
cold, or becomes
slow and unreadable.
Roland: users CAN use Bluetooth between their computer and the mount
by adding a Bluetooth-Serial adaptor without YOU having to do
anything ...
And that would be a cheaper solution too ... easier than YOU adding
it to the mount.


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