Re: Dec motor problem

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Jim,

I didn't notice the discrepancy, until you mentioned it.
The rule for selecting sex in the design of a cable connector is that if it
provides power, the receptacle should be a female, socket type, so there is
little chance of accidentally shorting the power carrying pins. In the case of
the Y-Cable, the GTOCP3 provides power for the motors, so the controller
end of the Y-cable should be, and is male (pins), because the hot power
pins in the controller socket are effectively already "guarded" from shorting.
At the far end, the RA/DEC Y-cable connectors should be female, for the same
reason, with pin receptacles, rather than sockets, on the motor housings.
In such case, Jim, you would not have made the accidental cabling error. But
this was likely a rare occurrence. Perhaps colour coded connector
sleeves/boots could be used, or painted - e.g. AP white on the controller
end, red and blue for RA & DEC. (Just a thought, for next cable design).

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule - the DB9 serial port on a
laptop has male pins, yet it carries signal power to the external serial
device. I'm just glad that house wiring receptacles do follow the rule -
imagine facing the "fangs" of 110 VAC on a wall, especially if they got bent,
if it weren't a female socket :-)

But surely AP must have known this when they laid down the harness spec,
so I assume this brand of high quality connector wasn't available in both
sex types for cable use - or there was some other good technical or practical
reason for this selection.


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Dec motor is just fine..............Thanks for your help...I just had
the cables reversed.

Thanks again for the response.

Jim Collins

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Dec motor problem.............Oops my newbie error. Just an FYI--
possible to get the control box connector plugged into the RA
motor and
the RA Motor connector plugged into the control box. MY
DUMB ERROR. I realized this right after I shot-off this "Help"

Regards........"the cable fumbler"

Jim Collins
So your mount works ok now?


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