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Joe Zeglinski


Obviously, LCD's can be heated. There are even ruggedized laptops with
heated LCD displays. For the size of the pad LCD display, power would not
be an issue. Besides, the new rubber mitt would help redirect the
electronics heat toward an LCD display, to help. Are all the other cheap,
made in China, competitive hand pads having LCD problems with cold? I don't
think so.

There must be other issues. In any case, I don't mind the cord, since the
AP pad display is so clear to read with tired eyes at night - I hate squinting
on those LCD's - and given a choice, I would keep the AP pad just the way it
is ... well, maybe thinner, than such a brick, if possible.


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B) Bluetooth >> maybe $25 to eliminate the serial cable and $75 to
eliminate the handcontroller cable.
The problem again with the keypad (hand controller) is that we chose to use
type of display that works down to -40F. This display uses a lot of power.
Batteries to power the keypad would not work very long. The keypad must get
volt power from somewhere, thus the cord. The alternative is to use an LCD
display which uses almost no power, but which freezes up in the cold, or
slow and unreadable.


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