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Wiggins, Rick

I had to chime in on the continuing "GPS etc." discussion. I have 5
AP mounts, one Paramount, and I used to have a Celestron CGE. Here
are several points as I see them form personal use:
1. Having Bluetooth or some wireless connection would be useful
especially for portable. The caveat here is that it is super robust
and doesn't interfere with other communications devices. I usually
tend towards wired connections for everything to avoid radio signal
issues. The wires going to the mount are not really a problem as
these do not hang off the scope and move around like the cameras
2. Having GPS would be some value in instances where one is
traveling and wants to look up their positional coordinates (not
really needed for mount). In addition, one could have the mount
powered up in the back of his truck and use it for a navigational
sytem while driving! (just seeing who is awake here).
3. Serial & USB ports. I find serial ports to be very reliable and
USB ports and devices to be flaky at times. I find many of the
converter products to be flaky also. I have found that the Edgeport
4:1 (USB to serial) converters and Quatech products to work well,
but I don't trust the cheap converters. I like the serial ports and
operate them via the Edgeport 4:1. much would I pay for these features...
A) GPS >> less than $50 becasue I could tape a commerial unit on for
$50, and it really has no use for the mount.
B) Bluetooth >> maybe $25 to eliminate the serial cable and $75 to
eliminate the handcontroller cable.
C) USB >> probably nothing, as there is no bandwidth issue and
serial seems more reliable to me.

...Moving my name up on the waiting list...Priceless!!!

My 2 cents!

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