Re: Dec motor problem

Jim Collins

Dec motor problem.............Oops my newbie error. Just an FYI-- it's
possible to get the control box connector plugged into the RA motor and
the RA Motor connector plugged into the control box. MY
DUMB ERROR. I realized this right after I shot-off this "Help" post.

Regards........"the cable fumbler"

Jim Collins

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Just got a new AP900 Goto about 2 weeks ago. It's been working fine
t'ill tonite. No response in the Dec motor (yellow Lite). RA motor
working fine. No voltage problem, no balance issue. Also wiggled
cable connection no luck. Either worm gear is really bound-up, broken
cable, or some other electronic issue. I will call AP for the meantime any trouble shooting thoughts out

Any help appreciated!


Jim Collins

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