cable snag, broken wire...

Jeff <jlc@...>

Rolando/Marj and anyone else that may be interested...

I managed to snag the dec cable on the 1200. (My bad.)

Anyhow, I got the yellow light, and the dec motor stopped working.
Once everything was unsnagged, the dec was still misbehaving - motor run-on
if S was pressed, and yellow light if N presses (iirc).

(and this was at the start of the night.)

After disassembling the "Y" connector of the cable (i.e. the connector on
the control box), I found a disconnected green wire on the DEC cable.
There was a tiny bit of solder-tinned wire attached to the pin with RA green
wire, so I suspected this was the remainder of the DEC green wire where it
(The green DEC wire from the cable also seemed to 'point' in that direction.
...and there didnt seem to be any other place for the DEC green wire.)

So I soldered the DEC green wire to the RA green wire, assembled the
connector, and the mount seems to be working fine.

I just wanted to confirm that the green DEC wire should indeed be attached
to the green RA wire.


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