Re: auto homing function


Sorry, upon re-reading this response I imply that the Mach1 has no
clutches. This is not the case! It too would have to have the clutches
permanently 'locked' in a very specific position aligned to the
mechanical or electronic reset point to have a 'hard reset' or
auto-home implemented. This is the method the Paramount uses. There
are no clutches on it.

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With clutches, an auto-homing hard reset is impossible to use. If the
clutches are locked or removed entirely on the 900 and 1200, such as
on the Mach1, then an auto-home would be possible to implement.

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A new topic:

It strikes me that an auto homing function (such as on the
Paramount) might
be the most important new feature for AP mounts. It would allow for
from any major malfunction and thus allow for true remote
observatory use.



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