First images with AP1200 GTO


Hi All
As the proud owner of a new/second hand AP1200 GTO and a clear night I just had to try it out.
Nothing too challenging. Living in Australia there is really only one choice, the eternal magnet Eta Carinae.
Living in the bush this is actually the first AP mount of any type I have seen.
I was a little suprised in that is wasn't quite as petite as I had imagined from the illustrations and images I have seen

I am trying to implement lessons from Adam Block's DVD tutorials and have made a 3 image htm with images of Ha-HaRGB, straight RGB & straight Ha.
These show some halos around the stars in colour but at least I am not clipping the data (much) any more.
This is at:-

If you are on dial-up this is a rather large load and you would probably be better to skip it.

Any comments or suggestions welcome
Brian Coote

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