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An AP OnStar button would be great...

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Hello All,

Marj informs me that our main competitor has now offered a GPS for the
GoTo system. I realize that GPS is vital for Alt-Az mountings, since
rate of any object in the sky is variable and directly affected by your
location on earth. However, since the tracking rate of a polar aligned
GEM is
always fixed at sidereal, I question the need for this added
complication to the
system (another thing to go wrong out in the field). Myself, I think of
it like
having anti-lock brakes on a speedboat, however Marj is totally
convinced that
we will need this vital bit of technology in order to not be left behind
the competition.

So what exactly does GPS offer to a GEM (it won't help you to polar
Any thoughts from the advanced users out there?


See what's free at

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