Re: Balancing the Mach 1

Roland Christen

In a message dated 6/8/2007 3:19:31 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

Were the mount not right out of
the box, I would assume that the "nylon clutch balls" were squished.
There are no nylon clutch balls in the Mach1.

It is not necessary to precisely balance any of our mounts. The axes and
motors are plenty strong to take quite a lot of unbalance. To balance the RA axis,
just grab the end of the counterweight shaft, turn it horizontal and feel the
difference in the amount of weight. If it feels about equal, you are close
enough to balance. For the Dec, grab the end of the tube assembly and do the

Do not obsess about getting the balace exact, or even bother to load it
"slightly heavy" to the east. It will make zero difference for tracking on this
mount. We have made the worm mesh such that no matter how you load it, balanced
or not, the mount will track the same.

Roland Christen

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