Re: Is an adapted Losmandy G11 tripod good for an AP900?

Stuart Heggie <stuart.j.heggie@...>

Joe, I have exactly what you've described and it works great. I have the Losmandy G-11 Tripod with 12" extension and my AP900GTO on top and it doesn't budge. I loosened the tripd knobs that allow the leg extensions to slip right into the main body of the tripd so it sits as low as it will go but there is no vibration and no risk of one leg slipping over time (mine is a permanent set-up).


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Subject: [ap-gto] Is an adapted Losmandy G11 tripod good for an AP900?


Recently, I discovered that my convenient QUICKSET "heavy duty" TV camera
tripod, adapted for the AP900 base, turned out to be very shaky - with all
huge weight of the AP900, counterweights, and 7 inch MAK - in spite of the
tripod's obvious mass. On the other hand, the G11 tripod, which is a "welded
aluminum" superstructure, with large diameter leg pipes, seems to be extremely
solid and stable, in comparison. I think the fact that it is welded, instead
of having articulated bolted on, folding legs (even with a stiffener), makes
the Losmandy tripod uniquely rock solid.

I am reluctant to go for one of the typical telescope tripods now, with
concern for wobble at the leg attachments, etc. I also don't like "tie-rods,
turn buckles" and other ship's rigging on a telescope field pedestal. In fact,
the original plan was to immediately replace my new Losmandy G11 tripod with
my old TV camera tripod - assuming that it easily carried the weight of those
huge olden day cameras. I soon gained new respect for Scott's design.

Before I have a special AP900 to Losmandy tripod adapter machined for me,
I would like to hear any opinions on this approach, hopefully from your
experience with this tripod and an AP900. Actually, I wish AP would have this
"tripod adapter" as part of their Losmandy made OTA adapter product line

Thanks for any advice.

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