Is an adapted Losmandy G11 tripod good for an AP900?

Joe Zeglinski


Recently, I discovered that my convenient QUICKSET "heavy duty" TV camera
tripod, adapted for the AP900 base, turned out to be very shaky - with all
huge weight of the AP900, counterweights, and 7 inch MAK - in spite of the
tripod's obvious mass. On the other hand, the G11 tripod, which is a "welded
aluminum" superstructure, with large diameter leg pipes, seems to be extremely
solid and stable, in comparison. I think the fact that it is welded, instead
of having articulated bolted on, folding legs (even with a stiffener), makes
the Losmandy tripod uniquely rock solid.

I am reluctant to go for one of the typical telescope tripods now, with
concern for wobble at the leg attachments, etc. I also don't like "tie-rods,
turn buckles" and other ship's rigging on a telescope field pedestal. In fact,
the original plan was to immediately replace my new Losmandy G11 tripod with
my old TV camera tripod - assuming that it easily carried the weight of those
huge olden day cameras. I soon gained new respect for Scott's design.

Before I have a special AP900 to Losmandy tripod adapter machined for me,
I would like to hear any opinions on this approach, hopefully from your
experience with this tripod and an AP900. Actually, I wish AP would have this
"tripod adapter" as part of their Losmandy made OTA adapter product line

Thanks for any advice.

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