Re: Balancing the declination axis

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Gavin,
Just another OTA balancing approach.

In case you go for an OTA counterweight - I have a Questar-7 which came
with a "cumber bun" looking OTA counterweight. It is just one of those soft
lead sheets covered on both surfaces in thick Mylar, with Velcro end flaps to
secure it when it is wrapped around the 9 inch OTA. It is a standard Questar
product for the Q7. The nice thing is that it doesn't need screws for
attachment, and can be positioned around the OTA, at any point of it's length,
for counter balancing. In the old days of drafting tables, they used to sell
large drafting table weighted "cover sheets" made of similar material - to
keep the thin drafting sheets from sliding to the floor overnight. If you
could find an architectural supply store, perhaps they still have them - then
cut up a strip to suit your OTA and weight needed.

Otherwise, you could purchase or two of these belts from Questar and join
the Velcro tabs end to end to fit your OTA diameter. At 3 lbs, maybe one might
suffice, and you could make up the missing length with a span of Velcro -
sewing supply stores would have them in very wide widths.

The Questar-7 lead OTA weight "cumber bun" measures 26"L x 6"W x 1/8"
thick, and weighs 3 lbs.


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I have a 14" LX200R mounted on a AP1200 with the 1200RP mounting plate
and Parallax Instruments rings.

There's not enough adjustment of the OTA in the rings to balance it in
the declination axis.

Does this mean I need to purchase a tube counterweight?

If so, any recommendations?

Is there some alternative??


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