Re: Pin Out info for the Guider RJ-11 Plug

Bill Conner <wmtconner@...>

Thanks Howard. The reference is appreciated.

Now all I have to do is verify that SBIG's +X is East and +Y is North.

I have a drawing for their Relay Adapter Box cable, so I know how the
SBIG Camera DB9 pins are designated.

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It's right here!

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

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Subject: [ap-gto] Pin Out info for the Guider RJ-11 Plug

I'm looking for the pin-out arrangement for the AP guider input plug.
I need to make up an adapter cable to go from an ST-10 camera DB9
Plug to and RJ-11 plug.

A reference would be helpful.


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