Re: Balancing the declination axis

michael mcdermott <classicstone9474@...>

Hi Garvin, As Jeff has stated I have a aluminium dew shield that I hack-sawed down the length due to dome clearance problem (in a Sirius Home model). I have a 14" sct wth Orion 80 ed guide scope. The dew shield helps balance the scope on my AP1200GTO. I also customed design my own Declination weights from 2" hex bar stock. I tapped threaded the ends of the bar stock and bolted it thru the holes that are already in the AP ribbed Plate. I also drilled a hole thru the face of the hex stock, this is how I can add additional weights to the front of the scope if I need to attach my Dream Machine camera on the rear. - Mike

Gavin Bray <> wrote: Hello

I have a 14" LX200R mounted on a AP1200 with the 1200RP mounting plate
and Parallax Instruments rings.

There's not enough adjustment of the OTA in the rings to balance it in
the declination axis.

Does this mean I need to purchase a tube counterweight?

If so, any recommendations?

Is there some alternative??


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