Re: rs 233 to USB conversion

Arthur M. Schneiderman

I'm more than a little leery of the wireless solution so I took a
different route:

I ran a cat5e cable from my in-house router to my observatory. At the
observatory, I have a digi AnywhereUSB box that allows up to 5
attached USB devices to be transparently accessible from any PC on the
network. Attached to the AnywhereUSB is a digi Edgeport/421 that has
1 parallel, 2 rs232 and 4 USB inputs and one USB output that is
connected to the AnywhereUSB. I also have a digi Edgeport/2c attached
that provides 2 more RS232. So I have a total of 7 USB, 4 rs232 and 1
parallel available.

You may think that that's overkill, but I'll be using all 4 of the
rs232's: 1200GTO, MaxDome, Clarity I, STV from the start. If I need
to add more, I'll just go back to digi (

I'm adding a Ethernet switch in the observatory so I can simply plug
my laptop into it into the switch when I'm working in the observatory.
It will also allow me to add ??? over IP devices when needed.


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Hello to All,
I'm new to the ap 900 mount and astronomy. Mount works fine, but I
now want to utilized the remote control software of my laptop. The
laptop will be approximately 100ft away from the ap 900 gto, and I
realize that I will have to do a rs232 to USB conversion. Is there a
list of components and their manufacturers which will allow me to
control the mount from that distance?
I am not sure how all of the components will go together to make
this work. I currently have windows xp ver. 2, but no rs 232 port on
the laptop. Starry Night pro ver. 6 and pulseguide software
Any help and direction will be appreciated.... Thank

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