Re: rs 233 to USB conversion



Hello Stuart. I agree, If you want to go totally "wireless" you need to have routers and laptops
running in the "N" mode to get decent response. I've used this setup with Timbuktu remote
control software and all works easily.

But.....if you want better performance and 150-200 foot range or better use an Ethernet to
USB bridge box. For about $100 you can get a 4 port USB box to velcro to the side of your
tripod or mount. This allows you to connect several USB devices such as: the mount (with
serial to USB converter-$20), the CCD camera (mine is already USB), a remote focuser such as
Robofocus, etc. I have a four port so I can run all three and still have one extra.

Then just run a single Cat6e cable (150 is relatively cheap on line) and connect it to the USB
box on the scope to the receiver box (USB to computer) attached to the computer.

Then you can run everything without the usual interference glitches. This is only one
alternative to going wireless but certainly is easy and FAST.

Let me know if you need pictures or part numbers

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