Lunar or Siderial Tracking for Saturday's Moon-Venus Conjunction


Hello All,

On Saturday the cirrus clouds prevented deepsky CCD imaging in the Bay
Area. However I wanted to make use of the occasion and so I ended up
taking pictures with the Canon DSLR of the nice conjunction of the
Moon and Venus in the evening sky.

For the photos I used a Tak 4" F8 APO and AP0.67x focal reducer. This
put the conjunction nicely into the frame of the Canon RebelXT DSLR.

Interesting to note that I tried both siderial and lunar tracking for
the longer exposure shots of the sequence. The long one at the end of
the sequence is 15sec. After comparison I decided that it's more
annoying to have dozens of tiny trailed stars that an ever so slightly
smeared moon. So I ended up using the siderial tracking shot for the
sequence on the web page.

I had a lucky shot witht he airplane crossing the moon, too.\;



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