Re: rs 233 to USB conversion

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the explanation about the Linksys and windows.

I too found this problem odd - and was very curious why my cheap (G class)
Giagafast wireless router (set up as a repeater), was weaker looking directly
out of the walkout glass doors, than when I moved it above a bookshelf in the
next room (2 feet away). There, it's signal had to go through 2 inches of
Styrofoam insulation and a brick wall (and even an 8 inch cube of solid
Plexiglas that it was sitting in front of!

However, my 1985 sliding door has the old style thermopane glass, not the
inner optical metallic coated "E-Glass" filter, so I still wonder if your
theory holds. Maybe it's just that the two panes of glass, at a specific
spacing, cause the signal of a certain wavelength to get reflected by a
greater amount than going through brick walls.


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Joe, this is very useful information! I have W2000 on the laptop in the
observatory and my system does not perform per the promise on the Wireless-N
router box. BUT, it works so I'm okay. I didn't realize that the wireless-N
card I bought for the laptop is not working as an "N" card. Rats! I'm using
VNC Ultra to operate the laptop from the house computer - totally cool.

The good news (for them what are worried) is that my house computer is
running Vista so I'm talking Vista<->W2000 and it is working. I was quite
worried this would be a problem.

Also, I learned something about my new windows (glass/metal type, not
computer OS). I put my Linksys router in the window sill to have a line of
sight to the observatory and it didn't work at all until it was suggested
that the window had a metalized layer to keep heat in the house and when I
moved it down so that it had to "look" through the wooden walls, everything
started working fine!


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From: Joseph Zeglinski
Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2007 5:17 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] rs 233 to USB conversion

Hi Stuart,

Just need to add one warning. To get the Draft-N router range and power
improvement, the old laptop need a matching Draft-N NIC card. In order for
old laptop to use the new Draft-N host adapter, it also must be running
WIN-XP, since these new cards aren't supported by Win-98/ME etc. If you
use XP or the Draft-N matching pair, you get the standard wireless G range
performance. Depending on where in the house the wireless router is
you might need a repeater, to get any decent range.

I bought one of the new Linksys Draft-N routers but had just a cheap
Wireless G type laptop host adapter. With the router at the front of the
house, my laptop lost signal as soon as I went out the back door to the
I then set up a cheap "GIGAFAST or BLANC" wireless router which I got
their $3 Boxing Day sale, and downloaded the new firmware which now allows
to be used as a Repeater/Router. I parked it on a bookshelf in the back
and now I get about 70% signal strength all the way to the back fence about
100 feet beyond the house. The signal repeats just fine from the Linksys
wireless Draft-N version at the front, through several walls and doorways,
the e house brick wall, to my observing site.

Also, Mizzou, if you decide on staying with serial cable, the official
range was about 50 feet. Any farther you need to use "shielded twisted
cable to get 100 feet or a bit more. After that, you would need an old
modem repeater for the cable. The other way, if staying with cable, is to
the RS-232 to USB, then with shielded cables again, use a USB signal
I suggest you go with a wireless router, and possibly a repeater, if
necessary. The Draft-N "matched pair" version might eliminate the need for
repeater, if you are running WIN-XP or (unfortunately) VISTA.


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> Mizzou - I'm no computer genius but this might be an alternative to
> with cables etc. I have an inexpensive laptop in the observatory, also
> 100' away, and a wireless card in it which talks to the wireless router
> my house attached to my desktop. It is "wireless N" and reaches the
> observatory fine. With Pulseguide you could run the mount from inside
> house and not run wires.
> Stuart
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> Subject: [ap-gto] rs 233 to USB conversion
> Hello to All,
> I'm new to the ap 900 mount and astronomy. Mount works fine, but I
> now want to utilized the remote control software of my laptop. The
> laptop will be approximately 100ft away from the ap 900 gto, and I
> realize that I will have to do a rs232 to USB conversion. Is there a
> list of components and their manufacturers which will allow me to
> control the mount from that distance?
> I am not sure how all of the components will go together to make
> this work. I currently have windows xp ver. 2, but no rs 232 port on
> the laptop. Starry Night pro ver. 6 and pulseguide software
> Any help and direction will be appreciated.... Thank
> You,....Mizzou
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