Declination Knob on tha AP1200GTO

Mike <wildwood7711@...>

I am having trouble adjusting the altitude knob on my mount, yhe set
screw is weak and while turning it to raise the scope the set screw
slips off the flat area of the threaded shaft. I have tightened it as
much as possible with a hex wrench,it just keeps on working off and
free spins. What can be done to prevent this, I do have a 14"ota and
other accessories that does accumulate quite a bit weight. Seems like
the set screw should have been able to actually enter into the
unthreaded shaft my a mere few milimeters.This would prevent shaft
damage!I know yhe manual states it is easier to adjust this knob w/o
the ota, weights, guide scope attached however it should be able to do
so if required.Like everything else it is always harder to go uphill
then down. I have wore out the set screw how can I go about getting
spares? I am definitely going to need them!

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