Re: bluetooth to the mount!

Dick Locke



Your description of when synch should be used is consistent with the
instructions. What I was specifically doing was using "The Sky 6"
synch command on the telescope tab of the object information menu.

I have no idea if that does a sync or rcal, or something else!

-Dick Locke

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Hello Dick,

Thanks for the informative web page. I was concerned about your
advice regarding "re-synching": "So the strategy is to just slew to
a bright star in the part of the sky you want to be in, re-synch the
mount to that star after you slew, and then you will have good
accuracy in that part of the sky."

I thought sync is applied only to the first star of the session and
Rcal is used thereafter to tweak the mount pointing to a given
sector of the sky. I'm sure Roland will clarify this – it has only
come up about a gazillion times in the past few years I've been on
the list.

Clear skies,

Dennis Persyk
Igloo Observatory Home Page
Hampshire, IL

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The skies have not cooperated much since my 900GTO arrived, but
been out a couple of times. Yesterday I was able to get a
connection going between my laptop and the mount. See

-Dick Locke

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