Re: Mach1GTO + AP 10" Mak-Cass???

Roland Christen

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Also, could you give a description of the focuser
To answer that, I did not have an external focuser with this system. When I
bougth this tube assembly last year Meade did not have any external Crayford
focuser attached. I used the internal (moving mirror) focuser. This method of
focusing is extremely difficult because of the severe image shift. In order to
do successful focusing manually, I had to approach the null focus position only
from one side so that the focus star would remain in the focus window (and
also to avoid losing the guide star). I would slowly creep up to the best focus
position and mark it with a piece of tape. Any time I overshot, I then had to
begin again on the original side of focus. It is impossible to do any kind of
remote automated focusing this way. If that is a requirement, you would need
to attach an aftermarket focuser that can accept larger than 2" accessories
such as our 2.7: telecompressor.


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