Re: Mach1GTO + AP 10" Mak-Cass???


Check this link to A-P's web site:

With 46 lbs of equipment and 54 lbs of counterweight for
astrophotography, Roland described the mount performance as flawless
in sub-sero (f) temperatures. I agree you should be fine with a
stable base.

--- In ap-gto@..., "Rich N" <rnapo@...> wrote:

The opinion I would trust would be AP's.

I think as long as the Mach1GTO is on a stable tripod or pier you
won't have a problem for visual work.

Would this work for visual purposes?

The AP 10" is 33 lbs which is within the listed weight limit;
but I've
been told "no" by several people. Thought I'd post the question


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