Re: Keypad problem ?

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Once again - my problem is not longer the issue but ...

I appreciate Marj contacting me very quickly to investigate the
problem with a promise to check what the reaseon could be but ...

It is me and my friend who took an action and finaly repaired the
keypad without any help from AP. If I relay on AP I would probably
pay for a new keypad (US$995). Thanks but no thanks.

Still I am very happy with my AP 1200GTO. :-)

Best regards from Poland (Europe),

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Thanks Roland,

Glad that keypad corrosion is no longer a concern - and that
the reference
to it in the Trouble shooting section of the keypad user manual,
will be
removed in the next revision. After all, as far as trouble shooting
concerned, I don't think you want the user checking the circuit
board, in the
first three years. Non electronics specialists shouldn't be
encouraged to
check inside anyway.


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Your electronic friend was absolutely right about
the "potential" keyboard
corrosion problem!
I think you are going overboard on this. This is the first time
in 10 years
that a keypad has had this problem. Why make a mountain out of an


See what's free at

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