Re: PEMPro with SBIG STV

Kent Kirkley

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Try your STV guiding without PemPro first.  You may find you don't
need it.  My STV does an excellent job with my older 1200 without any
PEC.  These mounts are very smooth (I also have a 900) and a newer
mount should have smaller PE.

Edd Weninger
Overgaard AZ  6650'
I agree.....
I've used an STV with two different AP1200GTO mounts and have never used
PemPro, etc.
I now use the Remote Guide Head with an SBIG STL-11000 with a 1200GTO and
still don't use PemPro.
I've used both with the efinder to guide imaging focal lengths up to 1200mm
with perfect results.
When doing film imaging I often did exposures up to an hour long and now,
with CCD, routinely do 30 minute sub exposures with perfectly round stars.

Kent Kirkley

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