Re: PEMPro with SBIG STV

Ray Gralak <rgr@...>

Hi Dick,

I'm not familiar with the output of the STV. It should work if you can download
images but of course you will need a copy of a program that can do that (i.e.,
MaximDL, CCDSoft, or AstroArt).


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Hello all,

I'm testing my 900GTO mount out (pier arriving soon!) and started
looking at PEMPro. I have several questions, but the most
important is:
Will PEMPro work with my SBIG STV autoguider/camera?

According the the AP website, PEMPro 1.7 requires CCDSoft V5, Maxim DL
V4, or AstroArt V3. Which of these is known to work with the STV and
PEMPro 1.7? I'd also be interested in recommendations as I have "none
of the above."

The main thing I want to accomplish would be to use PEMPro to record
and average corrections across many worm cycles, and then program the
mount to compensate for the average PE error.

I realize I can use the STV to feed corrections to the mount, but
without the averaging capabilities. (How much difference does
that make?)


-Dick Locke

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