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Robert Schlingensiepen <schling@...>

Hi Niels,

Try these guys in Germany. They specialize on stainless and carry US
type threads (UNC).

Hope this helps,


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I am preparing a special adapter plate to go on the declination head
of my 900GTO (on the surface where you use to place a saddle plate.)

We use the metric system in Denmark and I have not been able to find
the bolts in the US system needed to fasten this adapter.

Would someone in US be so kind as to help me purchase some? I will
of course pay all costs involved. Or maybe you know where I can
order them online for international delivery?
(How about Astro-Physics? :-)

I'm talking about this type of bolts: <>

In Denmark, we call them "Unbrako bolts". Are they "called socket
head bolts" in US?

The diameter of the thread should be 6.2 mm = 1/4"
and it should go in here (read arrow): <>

The length of the thread should be between 1.25" and 1.5"

Right now, I need 6 bolts, however, I gladly receive, say, 20 or

The quality should be the highest of stainless steel (in Danish
terms "quality 12.9")

I very much appreciate it if someone can help.

Best regards,

Niels Foldager

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