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I sold my refractor and so I'm bored... You may want to read this when a


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Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. Years ago when I took delivery

of a mount that was shipped in 3 boxes, box 3 arrived first. I paid all

the charges and was told by the driver, that the others were probably
just on another truck. That was beginning of my saga and my exerpiences

with UPS. It took 2 months for the other boxes to arrive. At several
points, UPS tried to claim that boxes 1 and 2 never even existed even
though they were logged in their system. They eventually found them
sitting in Detroit, waiting for box 3 to arrive, so that they could
clear all 3 through customs similaneously (at least that was their
explanation). When the other two boxes did finally arrive, it took
another week for them to admit that they had been paid, even after
producing the cancelled cheque.

On another occasion, when damage was done to something, they tried to
force me to pay all the taxes, duty and brokerage charges on the value
of the repairs. Again, another week (after waiting 3 months for repairs

to be done) of dealing with supervisors to make them realize that this
charge, should have been part of their initial assessment. There was no

way I was going to be out of pocket for their screw up.


Joseph Zeglinski wrote:

Well the UPS screw up saga continues!

That OPT shipment from California to Canada, I described below -
thought was finally out of courier hell - well UPS sent me a bill for
all the
duty, and government taxes, and of course UPS C.O.D. service charges,
for that
shipment, now well over a month ago.

Luckily, I remembered that I paid all that by credit card, to the
at the door. When I phoned, UPS acknowledged that the charge was
reported on
one system, and not on another. UPS computers don't talk to each

If I had simply assumed UPS was in some small way, competent, and I
paid the
bill, I would be out another $85.

Surely, FEDEX can't be nearly as terrible.
Once again ... beware of using UPS, if at all possible.


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Maybe it's time to demand the shipping charges be returned, for UPS

Actually, now that I think of it, when I complained to them that
it took
"over a week" for my other 3 day shipment to arrive, a couple of
weeks ago,
the UPS agent told me that UPS has an "unadvertised policy" of
shipping charges - but ... ONLY if a customer complains, and ONLY
the refund, to the SENDER.
Then you have to hassle them to get your money back, or the sender
will keep
it, as a bonus.

It's not much, but maybe it at least it gets logged in somebody's
advancement profile at UPS.

Maybe UPS needs to hire Tom Hanks away from FEDEX :-)

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