Re: UPS delivery - be VERY careful

Joe Zeglinski


Well the UPS screw up saga continues!

That OPT shipment from California to Canada, I described below - and
thought was finally out of courier hell - well UPS sent me a bill for all the
duty, and government taxes, and of course UPS C.O.D. service charges, for that
shipment, now well over a month ago.

Luckily, I remembered that I paid all that by credit card, to the driver
at the door. When I phoned, UPS acknowledged that the charge was reported on
one system, and not on another. UPS computers don't talk to each other.

If I had simply assumed UPS was in some small way, competent, and I paid the
bill, I would be out another $85.

Surely, FEDEX can't be nearly as terrible.
Once again ... beware of using UPS, if at all possible.


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Maybe it's time to demand the shipping charges be returned, for UPS gross

Actually, now that I think of it, when I complained to them that it took
"over a week" for my other 3 day shipment to arrive, a couple of weeks ago,
the UPS agent told me that UPS has an "unadvertised policy" of REFUNDING
shipping charges - but ... ONLY if a customer complains, and ONLY returns
the refund, to the SENDER.
Then you have to hassle them to get your money back, or the sender will keep
it, as a bonus.

It's not much, but maybe it at least it gets logged in somebody's career
advancement profile at UPS.

Maybe UPS needs to hire Tom Hanks away from FEDEX :-)

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