Re: What hemisphere am I in again?

Howard Hedlund

Hi Mike,

1. Your database has probably corrupted. That is why M51 was
reported as being below the horizon. The database corrupts when the
volatile memory loses power. This can happen when the keypad is bumped
too hard or more commonly, when the battery dies. Details are in the
tech support section of our website:

2. LOC:E means that your keypad is set to "external" meaning that
the system thinks it is being operated by an outside computer. There
are three ways this can occur. First is a bug in v. 4.07. See the
following link:
.pdf Scroll down to the 4.07 bugs and read through it for
Second, you may have the keypad set incorrectly. From the main menu, go
to 2=Setup, then 3=Keypad Options. In keypad options, the "1" key
will toggle you through the three auto-connect settings: NO, YES and
EXT. If you are permanently set up, it should be on YES. If you set
up anew for each observing session, it should be on NO. It should only
be on EXT if you are controlling the mount from an external computer
using a program like PulseGuide, The Sky, or Starry Night.
The third way that your keypad can be set to EXT is if you use the "Get
Time/Loc FrMnt" command: 2=setup; 1=Site Location Data; 3=Get Time/Loc
FrMnt. DO NOT use this command unless you are externally connected to
a computer and wish to synchronize the time and location data between
the computer and keypad. It will automatically change the keypad to
EXT mode since it assumes that a computer is operating the mount. To
check the mount's time, always use the 4=Time/LST command from the main
menu. This will also tell you your location setting. To check your
location parameters, go through setup as if you were adding or changing
location data. Exit by pressing menu if you are making no changes.
Exit by pressing GOTO if you make any changes.

Finally, consider upgrading from 4.07 to 4.12. Jot down your keypad
and/or mount serial number(s) and contact Astro-Physics if you don't
have the password.

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.



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Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2007 12:37 AM
Subject: [ap-gto] What hemisphere am I in again?


I haven't been doing much in the hobby the last year, but tried to
enjoy some views of the moon through my TEC160FL tonight. After
polar aligning, I looked at the moon for a while and then wondered
what some objects in Ursa Major might look like with a bright moon.
However, when I asked it to go to M51, etc., it said they were below
the horizon. I checked the date and time and location and they all
seemed fine. One of the pages said I couldn't change anything there
because I was in LOC:E--what does that mean?

I confess not to being an expert on the AP900GTO--I've always found
the handpaddle a bit non-intuitive and I'm often too lazy to read the
manual. But, I don't think it has ever done this before and it
always tracks like a dream. I'm running 4.07 I think. Can anyone
offer some advice how to fix this problem? I realigned 3 times and
turned the power off/on several times with realigning and nothing
changed. I tried polar align feature and 2 star align--same result.
Of note, the mount always returned spot-on to the alignment stars, it
just wouldn't slew to M# objects, etc. Thank you.

Mike Chapa

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